[ltp] Suggested models?

Tod Harter linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 31 Dec 2003 08:38:12 -0500

I had plenty of good luck with the A20p. That model has a few advantages, 
including the fact that the Rage 128/Mobility chipset has good drivers. Sound 
always worked fine, APM based suspend/resume is at least doable (which is as 
much as can be said for it on any laptop AFAIK). Mandrake 9.1 worked well, I 
haven't upgraded to 9.2 yet, but it does seem to be the best desktop distro 
for most purposes these days. 

On Wednesday 31 December 2003 4:57 am, Anthony Olszewski wrote:
> Are there Thinkpad models that are particularly good for Linux?
> Are there Thinkpad models that don't work well with Linux?
> Is one flavor of Linux better than another?

Tod Harter
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