[ltp] USR PC-Card Hangs 600e

Huntress Gary B NPRI linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 18 Mar 2003 12:10:32 -0500

It does have an internal modem, but I'm pretty sure its a WinModem and I've never tried to install/configure linmodem drivers since I had the (formerly working) pcmcia modem.

Thanks for the tip about ps2.exe.  I have found the download site at IBM and I'll get it later.


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> Immediately upon the next reboot I noticed two things.  First, the
> console video mode was different.  Until this time all console text had
> a large black margin (at least 1 inch on all sides) indicating a higher
> vid mode I think.  Now, the characters are all larger and there is no
> margin....this is an annoyance only because I don't know what caused it.

I'm not sure about your other symptoms, but you've probably just somehow
managed to turn on HV expansion.  Hitting Fn-F8 should switch you back to
the old (unexpanded) video mode.  You can ebable-disable this feature
using the DOS-based PS2.EXE program (which is used to edit BIOS settings).
It's available from somewhere in the maze that is IBM's web site.

> led me to believe it is a setting in the BIOS.  I entered the thinkpad
> bios by holding F1 while booting and there appear to be no configuration
> for pcmcia or serial ports.  Finally this made me think the modem was
> actually bad....unfortunately I just put it in another system and it
> works fine.

You can adjust some other BIOS settings (like the serial/IR ports) using
the PS2.EXE program I mentioned above.  Whether that will help, I don't

BTW - Doesn't your 600E have a built-in modem?

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