[ltp] sharing files usin printer port

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The cable is commonly referred to as a LapLink cable (originally sold by 
Traveling software as part of the LapLink package).

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On Sunday 23 March 2003 12:22 am, J. C. Masias Guillen wrote:
> Somebody knows how to share files using the printer port?

In theory you would use PPP to set up a point-to-point network link 
the two boxes on /dev/lp0. I haven't done it, at least not in enough years 

not to recall any details, but you would start by learning about the pppd 
program. One side will have to be set up to receive the connection and the 

other to initiate it. The initiating side is virtually like dialing into 
ISP with a modem, except there's no dialing...

Hardware-wise I think you need a special cable. That was always the case 
the old days anyway. Maybe if you set up your printer port for 'EPP' you 
don't, but in any case you have to have a cable with the right connectors 
it. I'd try to get one of the old ones that was made for this purpose. 
used to be some software for windows that came with such a cable.

I'm sure some of the other guys will be a bit more helpful, its just been 
too long since I needed to do anything like this.
Tod Harter
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