[ltp] T30 with cisco 350

Herbert Szumovski linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 03 May 2003 17:33:48 +0100

Hi Jon,
the aironet proc interface was specifically mentioned in the kernel
parameters (in the old aironet card support). So I use the default
Aironet 350 drivers which were delivered with RH8 (not the drivers from
the Cisco website, especially not because they do not support RFMON mode) 
AND I opened the old AIRONET config part, but activated
there only the "Aironet /proc interface".
If you need more detail, I can take a look into my kernel parameters
(I use it now since more than 6 months and forgot the details).
However, a good reading is the new airo-linux mini howto:
See also here, especially at the lower half:
I use the card also in promiscuous mode with kismet and ethereal
(http://www.kismetwireless.net/) which works fine (the Cisco's have
a builtin channel hopper, you don't need kismet_hopper).
Cheers, Herbert

At 16:59 02.05.2003, you wrote:
>Hi Herbert,
>On one of the help forums you mentioned you managed to get a cisco 350 card working on a T30 on redhat 8 by compiling in the aironet /proc interface .
>I'm not really sure what you mean by /proc interface? Do you just mean the :-
>network device -> wireless LAN ->wireless Pcmcia cards support -> cisco/aironet 35x PCMCIA cards
>I'd be grateful of any help. Before I reda your message I downloaded the cisco drivers and installed them which just made things worse. I think I've tidied them all up now but I'm still having no joy, it works fine under windows so I know the card/laptops OK.
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