[ltp] Complete Backup (and restore)

Adam Southerland linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 20 May 2003 10:25:13 -0300

No - I don't have a CDBurner or Tape drive that my laptop can handle =(
My only real resource is via Network... (Printer port and serial ports 

hmm... Taring them to a shared resource is probably my best option - will 
the TAR file hold any file attributes I need?

Another problem I face is my CDRom isn't bootable (that I know of) and I 
have to swap my floppy drive out when I put the CDRom in so the more I can 
do with a floppy for the Backup/Restore the better... I have Slakware 
installed - I had to copy the install disksets to a DOS partition then boot 
with a Linux Boot disk and install those sets then wipe those sets off the 
dos partition and copy more of them there (Luckily, on the second part I can 
stay in Linux the whole time =)

For your Idea I would need to install and setup Samba on my Linux Box and 
what is NFS? (I should know it (Network File System) but I'm not really 
sure...) -- I have 3 other computers with different OS's - Win 2000 Adv 
Srvr, Win XP, and another Win 2000 Adv Server... Will a MS product be able 
to hold the TAR file on the network? - I have virtually all MS OSs so I have 
options to play with there... I don't know if that will help though...

(btw... I am a fan of OSs in general, not just MS... I also have BeOS, 
Lindows, FreeBSD, Many flavors of Linux, FreeDOS, Dr Dos and so forth =) -- 
Linux is the coolest and you can find out what you are running and what is 

Adam Southerland

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Hi Adam,

Hum... There are many ways to back up a Linux system - all depending on
how things are setup.

For my own systems, I have partitioned my hard disk where the /home and
/usr/local are in there own partitions. Any software that was not on the
distribution CD is under /usr/local. I backup/archive these partitions
to CDs once a month, or more, depending on the level of change, along
with the configuration files found in the /etc subdirectory (XFree86,
iptables or ipchains, network information and other odds and ends.)  If
something should happen to the hard disk - failure, hack, or what every,
I will use the original distribution CDs to recreate the system and then
use the backup/archive CDs to restore the 2 fore mentioned
subdirectories. I keep electronic notes on configuration procedures in
cookbook/HOWTO style, so reinstallation is easy.

>From your discription, it sounds like you have a full disk. I didn't
sense you have a tape or CD burner? If you have access to a large
"shared resource" on a machine that can hold your backup using NFS or
Samba, you could "tar" the fore mentioned partitions to a file on them.
Does this sound like a solution you want to look into?

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