[ltp] Mandrake 9.1 Login

Frank Roberts - SOTL linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 22 May 2003 19:52:45 -0400

Hi All=20

As you people may recall there were a few issues with Mandrake 9.1 on my=20
thinkpad. Well as I indicated I would play with this a while on the deskt=
test box setup to see what I could do with it.

1. System installed on desktop box.
2. HD makes very hard clicking sounds. Sounds like a good way to destroy =
a HD.=20
This HD did not make these sounds 10 minutes ago with Debian.
3. Booted system, system booted into login screen with icons for login, n=
space for manual enter user name.=20
4. Logged in went automatically to KDE <user>
5. Made several attempts to login to root by booting into failsafe and=20
linus-nonfb with out success. This is different I was able to log in to r=
by this method on the Thinkpad.
6. Logged in to root as command line by <ctrl><atl>F1. Tried to log out o=
user in F7 could not thus could not log into root as GUI eliminating acce=
to Mandrake Control Center this way.
7. Enter Mandrake Control Center by password and user screen. This is=20
different Mandrake control Center did not exist on the Thinkpad.
8. Set login to command line and logged in to root in KDE.
9. Made several attempted to set Gnome login as standard login but failed=

One Question: Does anyone expect a real newbie to figure this out the fir=
time he/she installs Mandrake?

One Question: Changing the login screen is not the same as it was in RH s=
please how does one alter the login screen to gnome so that standard logi=
may be used?=20