[ltp] Enterprise Linux WS 3 vs. Fedora 0.95?

billy ball linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 4 Nov 2003 08:14:13 -0500 (EST)

On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Brig C. McCoy wrote:

> When my notice came today that RH 9 support dies 30 Apr 2004, I downloaded 
> and tried to play with the latest Fedora 0.95 (severn) beta on my TP 600x...
> md5sums matched, but when I ran mediacheck it said two of the three discs 
> were bad. Damn, re-burned them. Fail again. Hmmm.
> Dropped them into another computer (non-laptop), both discs pass mediacheck 
> fine.
> Checked the release notes for Fedora 0.95 and noticed the very last kernel 
> note: "The laptop mode support present in previous test versions of Fedora 
> Core has been temporarily removed due to reports of data corruption on some 
> IDE disk drives. If the cause of this issue can be found (or laptop mode 
> cleared of any role in the corruption), it will be re-enabled in a 
> subsequent Fedora Core Test 3 update kernel."
> Don't know if this is actually a reasonable cause, but the darn CD-ROM 
> drive's been reading everything else okay, and just read a 300MB file okay.
> So, for now, the question becomes "Is anyone using RHELWS 3.0 on a TP?"

- yes, i am... 390X... install works fine... 

- however, if you run into problems, you can type 'linux upgrade' at the 
boot prompt to use a new installer...

- the Release Notes contains directions for other laptop users and 

- and hey, it's a beta!

- 'gold' isos due out in a few days...

- you'll like Fedora... good recognition of formerly problematic wi-fi 
cards... snappier desktop and menuing... and that's on an old 390X...


> (I figure it's too much to hope for someone using it on a 600x. :)
>  ...brig
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