[ltp] RE: Hibernation (it worked!!!) (not)

Alexander Wirtz linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 06 Nov 2003 03:38:41 +0100

Ok, I got it, it was my WAG511 that confused the BIOS...
cardctl eject; tpctl --hibernate works just fine, I suppose, that PCMCIA 
as a whole is blocking the hibernation. Now I'm even able to use a 
hibernate partition instead of a file, all created with tphdisk.
The sideeffects are, that I have to reload the madwifi and alsa modules, 
but this is Linux for you... ;-)

One other thing I'd like to recommend is the configure-thinkpad utility, 
available at tpctl.sourceforge.net it works like a charm and is much 
nicer than the ntpctl. Pair it with the tpb utility and you have 
something useful for that ThinkPad-Button.