[ltp] Dual monitor setup: T40p+XFree-4.3.0

Yury Prilutsky linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 23:23:02 -0800

Thanks a lot, Pete!

On Wednesday 05 November 2003 01:38 pm, pete hilton wrote:
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> Hi there,
>           Yes, yes and yes:-))

After a few experiments I managed to get two screens running to a stage of 
"Yes, yes, and maybe" ;-).
I am getting the second screen fed from the VGA cable but not from the DVI 
connector. Is there some magic to it?

Also, the setup I got is a little different from what I expected (although I 
admit, I didn't think too deeply about what I wanted). It seems like I have 
now two X displays (:0.0 and :0.1) each of them running a KDE desktop. That 
makes it impossible to move stuff around betweeen screens or have different 
windows from the same app on different screens. I'd like to be able to 
separate, for example, GIMP toolboxes from the picture window, or multiple 
OOfice documents from each other. Is it possible?