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Paulo JMS Magalhaes linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 9 Nov 2003 14:18:11 +0100

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	This is my first post in the list: I'm sorry if this an old FAQ but I didn=
't find anything in the mailing-list archives.
	I've a Thinkpad T30 which have an Ultrabay that I use for CD-ROM and Flopp=
y. When I try to hotswap it, linux starts beeping. If i swap it in suspend =
mode it works fine, but that is not really hotswap. I've compiled my kernel=
 with HotPlug support. Also installed the hotplug package available in my d=
istro (gentoo) but nothing seems to make any difference.
	Is the Ultrabay hotswap completely unsupported in linux or is something I =
can do to make it work?

Some info: Thinkpad T30 (2366-82G) with latest BIOS and embedded controller=
 drivers from IBM site and using Gentoo with 2.4.22-ac4=20

Thanks in advance,
Paulo Magalh=E3es
        Paulo Joaquim M S Magalh=E3es - jakim@aveiro.net
            URL: http://paulo.homelinux.net/~paulo
"Garry Kasparov will win, because the computer can not improve=20
 that much in a single year." Mike Valve, expert chess comentator

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