[ltp] Thinkpad T40p and Debian

Aaron Mulder linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2003 12:15:52 -0500 (EST)

	In the short term you can enable the middle mouse button by
disabling the touch pad in the BIOS.  If you set it to use the eraser
mouse only, then the 3rd button will start working.  Otherwise, AFAIK you
have to fool with drivers and/or kernels to get it working.


On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Arno Willig wrote:
> Hello!
> I am new to this mailing list, so please don't be angry if I ask
> questions which has already been discussed.
> I am running Debian/Unstable with Kernel 2.4.22 on my Thinkpad T40p and
> have some problems. Maybe you can help me.
> - My X isn't very accelerated (glxgears says 26.667 FPS, fullscreen)
> - The middle trackpoint button does not work.
> - ACPI seems not to work very good. (But at least battery status works)
> - How can I control CPU Speed?
> - What about suspending/standby?
> - Is it possible to use the TVout with Linux?
> - Is there anything useful to do with the TCPA chip? 
> Thank you very much,
> Ciao, 
> Arno