[ltp] Mouse pointer slowly moves when not touching trackpoint

Michelle Klein-Hass linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 15 Nov 2003 08:58:24 -0800

>Hi everyone,
>I'm currently experiencing a strange behaviour of my trackpoint: The X mouse
>pointer sometimes slowly drifts to the left, even if I don't touch the
>trackpoint at all. When this happens, the mouse button function of the
>trackpoint (when pressing it) doesn't work, and it is easier to move the
>pointer to the left than to the right.

Several people have mentioned that this is a known issue with the 
trackpoint. Basically this is a good time to take a short break and 
just let the cursor drift until it stops naturally. In my experience 
with my 600E this doesn't take very long and you are fine afterward. 
This happens in both Windows 2000 and Knoppix Linux 3.3 so it's got 
to be a hardware thing.

So basically take the issue as your computer's way of saying "time 
for a stretch break." :)

Take care,