[ltp] Fedora Core 1 on Antique 760 series

Richard Griffith linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 19:52:09 -0500

Robert Hollis wrote:

> If I remember correctly the spec for most of the 76x series does not 
> support cardbus (found this out when I got an Adaptec 1480 cardbus card).

The older 760's were 'AT' bus, so cardbus would be out of the question, 
the later ones, like the 760Xx's were based on PCI, and claimed to be 
cardbus capable (at least according to the HMM vol 3.) I've never really 
tested that though. Actually, as I understand it, that dual ISA/PCI 
nature is where the problem starts, since PCI is used for some 
interrupts, but ISA is used for the pcmcia card operation. That's in 
part why pcmcia works with every other recent kernel I've tried, even 
though they all complain about the lack of an IRQ. Might actually be 
less of a problem if it didn't have cardbus support.

I really should just upgrade, but this thing is built like a tank, easy 
to service, and its boxy and somewhat delapidated aesthetic make it a 
less attractive target when traveling.

Thanks for the input,