[ltp] ibm r40 2722 cpu cooler running even when idle and battery runtime

flokno linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 16:33:58 +0100


> Not sure if it's related, but when looking at a friend's T40p under
> Windows XP, I noticed that one of the control panels stated that it was
> in a really low speed setting while idle -- either 122 MHz or 200 MHz. 
> I forget which. 
> In any case, Linux now refuses to go below 600 MHz because that's the
> officially documented lower limit.
> This may be part of the discrepancy.

hmm, with the speedstep driver for pentium 4 (?) it goes down as low as
186Mhz, where it is really feelable slow. but the cooler is still on
from time to time there when idle.

also runtime doesn't increase much in that case.

i also heard that the frequency under windows is far away from beeing