[ltp] My Thinkpad has a voice now!

Michelle Klein-Hass linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 23 Nov 2003 19:31:51 -0800

On Sunday 23 November 2003 08:49 am, Rob Mayoff wrote:
> +---------- On Nov 23, Michelle Klein-Hass said:
> | One caveat: I have to load the commercial version of OSS manually after
> | starting up. It requires a single command after SU-ing to root: soundon.
> Perhaps you could add that command to /etc/rc.local.

It was tried, but it never "stuck" for some reason.

Besides, like I said, I don't mind this, because it forces me to deal with the 
command line.

I'm running Knoppix 3.3 with KDE as my desktop environment. If anyone has any 
ideas of how to make this stick, let me know. However, it's not a big deal. 
The command works, I'm happy. If it ain't broke...and all that...

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