[ltp] Switching Between Networks

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Sat, 29 Nov 2003 02:48:02 -0600

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> Hard to tell. Maybe just a hick-up, maybe you (accidently) try to start a
> second instance of SCPM ...
> Don't worry about it - you know what to do.
> Greetings from Bremen
> hartmut
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Well, more bizarre behavior from SCPM. I went and checked /var/lib/scpm, and
sure enough, it had a #LOCK file. I rm'd it and rechecked to verify that it
was in fact gone. It was. I then enabled SCPM, and received a message back
saying that it was already loaded. This had me wondering, so I ran "scpm
status". It came back telling me that it was initialized, enabled, db
loadable and up to date, and "locked". It also told me that it did not need
reinit, and that the default profile was active. Yesterday, I had switched
it to the WORK profile. That was, I believe, before the thing locked on me.
It may have gone back to default when it locked. Would that make sense?
Then, is it locked or not?


Rob Smith