[ltp] PST Bootdisk for 600E

Rob Smith linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 30 Nov 2003 09:15:21 -0600

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From: "wes schreiner" <wes@infosink.com>

> Well why didn't you say so?  See on the page
> http://www.enderak.com/linux/thinkpad600/ a link to some version of
> PS2.exe: http://www.enderak.com/linux/thinkpad600/progs/ps2.exe.iso

I've been there and done that. His disk wouldn't boot, and there was no way
to verify the ISO. I was hoping to find someone with a WORKING copy. One of
the guys who was at the last Linuxfest I attended had a functioning copy set
up on a business card sized CD-ROM, but we didn't have time to duplicate it.

> However, if you ever want to use hibernation then you will need a FAT
> partition for the hibernation file.  Once you have that you might as
> well make it a few MB larger and include PS2.EXE as well IO.SYS and
> MSDOS.SYS so you can dual-boot to MSDOS and your Linux installation.

I'm not all that worried about hibernation. I keep an eye on battery usage
and just shut down when it's getting close. I'd rather have the space
available for data and apps. My hard drive's not all that big, and we
installed most of the packages off the SuSe 9.0 Pro disk, so that I might be
able to play with them and learn.

> Almost everything that PS2.EXE does for you can also be done by tpctl or
> directly with lspnp/setpnp (given a PNP-enabled kernel).  Everything you
> would want to do with the serial devices configuration (modem, external
> port, IR port) can be done with lspnp and setpnp.  Still, I think there
> are a few settings that can only be manipulated by PS2.EXE, so it is
> good to have it available.

I was told that tpctl lacked many of PS2.EXE's features, and that I
shouldn't use it. Being new to Linux myself, I had taken their advise. I do
know how PS2.EXE works. It's loaded on my other ThinkPad, a T20 running XP

> And remember, everything you will want to do with a ThinkPad 600E has
> been done by lots of people already, and there are quite a few web pages
> out there detailing the various tasks.  Google is your friend.

Yes, I've been checking them out. Once I get IR disabled, they will be quite
helpful in allowing me to get sound and modem functioning.

Thanks for the reply,

Rob Smith