[ltp] External PS2 Mouse on T40?

Steve Barr linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:24:03 -0500

Williams, Elliot - BLS wrote:
> The KVM is a Linksys KVM2KIT.  Googling for "linksys kvm2kit thinkpad" comes
> up with a support page from Linksys with the following tidbit: "Some
> notebook computers, especially the IBM ThinkPad and Toshiba Tecra,
> experience difficulties when their mouse and keyboard ports are used at the
> same time. To avoid this, only connect the mouse port or the keyboard port.
> If you connect the mouse port, you will have to use the notebook's keyboard
> when the notebook becomes the active computer."
> OTOH, when they're both plugged in directly, there's no problem, so the
> problem isn't really with the laptop at all, but with the KVM.  And the
> whole point of a KVM switch is to _not_ require separate mice for different
> computers.  Grr....  

The real issue IMO is all those big keyboards and monitors.

> For the archives: Consider the Linksys KVM2KIT broken with Thinkpads (in all
> operating systems). 

Not sure if this is the issue, but in the old days this was because of
one of the pins in the PS/2 connector being 'reserved,' in other words,
its use was not part of the spec.  ThinkPads used it for one thing, KVM
switches for another.

My solution when using a KVM switch and ThinkPad was two mice, one
plugged into the ThinkPad and one plugged into the KVM for the rest of
the computers on the switch.  Mice are cheap and small; it's easy to
push one out of the way and use the other.

> Back to the drawing board...

Perhaps there is a USB-based KVM switch?

All 100% my own opinions.