[ltp] ACPI and Hibernate => Sound broken

nanasong linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 00:39:05 +0800

Stefan Triller wrote:
> hmm strange. If you did an hibernate (swsusp2) and play a soundfile after 
> that, it is really playing normal without problems?

Yes, playing fine.

> Am I right, if I think taht you are using OSS instead of ALSA?
> Your config looks like that. I'm using ALSA, if that would be the problem I 
> can switch to OSS, all I'm doing with sound is listening to Internetradio.

No... I'm using ALSA. OSS is not selected in the config file.

> Your config also seems to have a lot of overhead like SCSI Adaptors and 
> Firewire...

Yes, maybe when I have time I will try to clean up my kernel config a 
bit. ;)

And FYI, I'm using BMP as my music player, ALSA is selected as output 
plugin. I also unload ALSA-OSS emulation moudles before testing, just to 
be sure.

>>X40 + Slackware 10 + kernel 2.6.9 (download from kernel.org, no other
> Mine is with Gentoo (~x86) + kernel 2.6.9 + swsusp2 patches, like yours.
> Stefan