[ltp] Hibernate on T41P

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Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:56:38 -0700

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Matthias Himber writes:
>Am Dienstag, 15. Juni 2004 22:17 schrieb Daniel Jimenez djimenez-at-pobox.com 
>> Hi all,
>> I just switched from ACPI to APM (as you probably read) and I'm thrilled
>> to see that suspend works great! I just hit FN+F4 and the machine goes
>> to sleep.
>> What doesn't work off the bat is hibernate. I thought there was some
>> kernel parameter I needed to pass to suspend. Also, does it suspend to
>> the swap partition?
>You need to create a hibernation file on a suitable partition. Search the web 
>for tphdisk or tphdisk.c, the source code contains the instructions. Be 
>warned that hibernating is _slow_, you may be staring at a blank screen for 
>two minutes without any indication that the system is still alive.
>2.6 kernels (and patched earlier versions) have a feature called "software 
>suspend" that may or may not be better than APM suspend. I have never tried 
>it, however.

There are catches BTW.

Take a look through the archives for the problems I ran into: the mail

  Subject: [ltp] T40 hibernation solved
  Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 16:15:01 -0800

I *think* the reason was because BIOS 3.00c was required to support
hibernation (on my type 2379 T40); until I upgraded that, the various
hibernation-file-creation utils claimed to work, but Fn+F12 failed in
various interesting ways.

Eventually I installed Windows 98 (!!) into the first partition, so I
could run the BIOS upgrade program -- running it from a DOS bootdisk (it's
a win32 app) or from WinXP failed in various other interesting ways.
running from win98 worked fine ;)

Definitely an area that IBM needs to look at and rethink.

(a bootable ISO image of the BIOS upgrade would probably be best. if I
recall correctly, it's possible to burn a floppy image as an ISO?  if so,
that should probably be documented somewhere; it isn't currently.  Also,
IBM's bios upgrade "diskette" is distributed as a win32 EXE.)

Regarding software suspend -- in my experience, it's very unreliable,
due to interactions with various other parts of the kernel and drivers,
and also due to bugs in its implementation.  not recommended.

- --j.
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