[ltp] where to get inexpensive memory upgrade for t40?

Wolfgang Rether linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 9 Oct 2004 13:44:39 +0200


On 06.10.2004 at 19:19, Brad Langhorst wrote:

> Given the huge difference in price I thought I'd check to see if anybody
> here has done such an upgrade recently and where they found good 
> price/quality.

I'm from Germany, so this might not be the best solution for you, but perhaps
someone else is looking for inexpensive RAM upgrades and googles this thread...

I just ordered a 1 GB module for a T41p (DDR333 type) for about 270 EUR - don't
know the current USD rates , but it was much cheaper than other dealers here in

The website is: http://www.compuram.de - you have to inquire the current price
and will then be contacted by a distributor.

They have memory for almost every type of computer (notebook, desktop, server)
or printer and so on, even rather old ThinkPads and so on. And you have 10 years
of warranty:)

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