[ltp] _very_ high temperatures - SOLVED

Karel Podvolecky linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 05 Mar 2007 10:24:16 +0100

Yes. At least I think it was bad. I went to service and told them CPU is 
overheating. After one week they called me they replaced the CPU. But 
the technician said, he didn't test this notebook. He only replacet the 
CPU with another one.

I have bought my T60 in June 2006 in Europe. I think it was one of the 
first TPs in my country, so I think it can have some "bugs". It has also 
some construction flaws. It is pitty I didn'd wait a month or two before 
I bought it.


P.S. sorry for my bad English... :-)

Gabriel Rossetti napsal(a):
> You mean your cpu was bad? Mine is very hot (up to 100 C on a 2GHz),
> what exactly did they say?
> I also cjhanged pentium-m for prescott in my make.conf cflags and it
> seams to be way too hot since then
> ( I though it was a kernel/acpi change)
> Gabriel
> Karel Podvolecky wrote:
>> by replacing CPU with another one in servis.
>> K.P.
>> Karel Podvolecky napsal(a):
>>> Hi,
>>>  first of all, sorry for my bad English :-).
>>>  I have serious troubles with temperatures on my T60 (2007-F4G). When
>>> I did last week system update in Gentoo and went out. When I came
>>> back, the /proc/acpi/ibm/thermal says:
>>> cpu 110 C
>>> gpu 110 C
>>> and my TP was as hot as a chicken on a grill. Yestereday, my TP had a
>>> hard lock, again it was too hot.
>>> In all cases, fan was running at ~3800RPM. I never saw running it
>>> over 4000RPM. I think, my TP is unable to cool down enough. What can
>>> I do? I cannot use all power of core duo, when I have to take care of
>>> temperature. It has normally temperatures over 90 C when one core is
>>> under load.
>>> My core duo has 1.83GHz max. I cannot imagine, how can *p models with
>>> core duo at 2.13GHz cool down itself :-/. weird...
>>> Any suggestions appreciated.
>>> Regards,
>>> Karel Podvolecky