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Mon, 5 Mar 2007 14:26:46 +0100

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Dieter Jurzitza:

> - at least kernel 2.6.18 SuSE does not
> support output switching on lenovo X60,

2.6.20 in Ubuntu Feisty doesn=E2=80=99t either.

> - who depends on it, should use i810switch with the patch that treats
> the i945 identical to a i855 (I found this somewhere on the Debian
> bugtracking system)

> - if anyone needs assitance here, please contact
> me, I would be pleased to help (if I can)

I=E2=80=99d love to see a solution to this. The relevant Malone bug is #428=
but from what I gather that solution requires the external monitor to
be plugged in on boot. I put the suggested options in my xorg.conf,
but pressing Fn+F7 doesn=E2=80=99t turn off my LCD (haven=E2=80=99t tried i=
t with the
external monitor plugged in, though).


> Moreover I found a trick to make FN-F2 (lock screen) work.

This works in Ubuntu Feisty out-of-the-box.

When we=E2=80=99re at it, an attempt to dim the screen with Fn+End blanks
it totally, and I have to restart X blindly to get anything back.
The Power Management=E2=80=99s brightness slider works properly, though.

-- Shot
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