[ltp] ibm-acpi brightness problems on the X60

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 8 Mar 2007 04:05:53 -0300

On Thu, 08 Mar 2007, Fredrik Wendt wrote:
> Using the key combinations it's clear that we actually have 8 different
> levels (on the eightth (8th) key hit, nothing happens), the proc-acpi
> file says there are 7 levels.

I am *always* interested in these reports! (I am the ibm-acpi maintainer),
so, unfortunately for you, I have noticed the thread and will now bug you to
find out about all of your ibm-acpi bugs ;-)

Ok, so, please boot the machine in single user mode, and don't let the
Xserver start.  Please remove the ACPI video module (rmmod video) *and*
ibm-acpi (rmmod ibm-acpi).  After all this, the thinkpad firmware is all that
is commanding the brightness buttons.

How many levels do you see when playing with the brightness keyboard
buttons, 7 or 8?

Now, please go into battery mode.  How many levels do you see?

Now please load ibm-acpi (modprobe ibm-acpi experimental=1).   Repeat the
tests, does anything change?

If you are feeling generous AND using 2.6.20, please load the video module
and repeat the tests, does anything change?

> I can dim the screen using "echo level 1 > /proc/acpi/ibm/brightness"
> but it only lowers the brightness to a fix level no matter if I echo
> level 1 or level 5 for instance. (It only takes one Fn+Home key stroke
> to get back to full brightness (no matter what "level" I echoed into the
> file).)

This is also interesting, and it shows a bug somewhere (might be in
ibm-acpi, or elsewhere).

Please boot the machine in single user mode, and don't let the Xserver
start.  Please remove the ACPI video module (rmmod video), but make sure
ibm-acpi is still loaded.

Does /proc/acpi/ibm/brightness work correctly, or does it still show the bug
you described?

> cat /proc/acpi/ibm/brightness always shows whatever was written/echoed
> to the file last - it's value doesn't change after hitting Fn+Home/End.

It should, as we ask the EC directly about the brightness level.  This is
bad.  Please send me the output of /proc/acpi/ibm/ecdump right before, and
right after you hit a Fn+Home/End that *did* change the display brightness,
but for which /proc/acpi/ibm/brightness doesn't show the correct value.
Does it happen only for level 7/8 or 0/1?  Or does it also happen on level

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