[ltp] breezed, a very simple fan control daemon

Francois Fleuret linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 11 Dec 2008 08:10:23 +0100

Dear Tino,

On Monday, December 8, at 22:30, you wrote:

 > I think that new software shouldn't use deprecated APIs, like
 > /proc/acpi/ibm/.

If you have better replacements for the choices I made, I would be
glad to impact them in the archive.

 > Also, some documentation about the values in your config file would
 > be nice (what component, reason for choosing a particular
 > threshhold etc.)

What do you mean by "component" ?

For the thresholds, I picked the lowest temperature so that when I am
editing under Emacs in a reasonably cold room (~22C) the fan would be
off, decided arbitrarily that 64C was too hot, and just chose the
thresholds linearly between these two bounds.

I guess that moving the 64C to 80C would not make such a difference
though, as long as it remains under the critical temperature. But
there is a comfort trade-off: One has to choose between incessant
noise and well-cooked palms.

Is there a proper documentation about the /*/acpi/* somewhere ? I
would be more than willing to check the consistence between the number
of fan levels, critical temperatures and provided thresholds, and to
max out the fan speed when critical temperatures (or whatever hardware
specified too-hot-temperature-we-have-to-do-something) are reached.


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