[ltp] Second handed T43 issues (already bought): advises for tons of doubts and questions, please

Miguel Daniel Rodríguez Magarzo linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 23 Dec 2008 19:07:32 +0100

El jue, 18-12-2008 a las 03:14 +0000, tmfu@comcast.net escribió:
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> > Questions and Technical information (for those who are (still)
> > interested here (if any...) --------------->
> > 
> > A) What explanation could be in order to someone erased the serial
> > number of the laptop?, e.g. why? 
> > Maybe it belonged to a set of gadgets confiscated by the police over
> > there, that then went out to the market or something similar, umm?
> > Would be there any way to know still that info?
> The systemboard was replaced. The person replacing the board did not have the 

> IBM Hardware Maintenance Diskette (available only to IBM FE's, and VAR's) to set

>  the product id, serial number, or the UID. 

It has sense.

> > 
> > B) The battery is dead for sure, isn't it? The seller cheated me.
> Yup pretty much toast. But LI-ion batteries are only good for about 3 years 

> unless you really pamper them.

I assume that, unless an absolutely new one, old batteries could last
between 1 hour and 1 h. and a half of average. Which I own are into
these numbers. But about 9 minutes... ejemmm... 

> > C) The screen: Anybody knows whether it could have anytime a better
> > quality? Can be possible such a difference between screens (in quality
> > terms) into Thinkpads from IBM?
> You're going to have a tough time upgrading the screen. 
> Maybe someone can chime in. I only fix them. 

Could you be more explicit, please? I don't know if it's due to my
not-very-good English, but I got a bit intrigued with the above.

> > D) The graphics card. I don't know really what I have there, regarding
> > to RAM memory. The seller told me about 256 MB. He showed me photos he
> > took, etc... but this is what tells the system, with lspci -vv:
> > 
> > 
> > The latest values make me to think that there are 64 MB of graphic RAM.
> > BTW, these values are exactly the same I get with the older T42 (where I
> > know it has 64 MB RAM in its video card).
> > The model of card is here identified too, as Radeon X600. 
> The T4x series only came maxed out with 64MB of video memory. 

That's not true, AFAIK, hence my doubts. According with the papers of
IBM-Lenovo for these models (T43), I mean... pdf docs available (on
line) with detailed specifications. 

> > 
> > E) Sound. Doing another CLI typing lspci -vv (no pipe to "grep audio",
> > sorry..:-)
> > 
> > 
> > So the on-board pci sound card is there, although maybe not working. 
> > The sound modules that are on:
> > 
> > 
> > According with all the above, here I don't understand why there is no
> > sound :-(
> Probably the systemboard is bad. Did you check the CMOS to see if the device is enabled, 
> and that the keyboard volume control is turned up?

CMOS-> yes
keyboard volume control-> It was that! But sorry, I didn't understand
this point and I have to pay for it... :-P

> > F) The noisy fan. There are values about fan speed and some sensors of
> > temperature:
> > 
> > ----------------
> > What to do, please?
> > 
> Could be the fan is defective, poor CPU to heatsink contact, or the systemboard 
> is defective putting the fan into high speed mode. I own as well as work on Thinkpads 
> (from the 701 to present), the T43 fan can get loud, but if it's very loud (screaming) 
> that means something is wrong. 

Everything I can say here is that the fan seemed O.K., big piece, with
some extensions over there (I took some photos when the keyboard was
removed, in prevention someone could be interested in), and I also took
note about the model: Cooler: 26R9066, Fru Fan long M24; 26R9074; Made
in China; Furukawa electric; S060307CN; that's all.

There are enough complains over the Internet about the T43(p) related
with this issue. I just discovered them AFTER it dropped into my hands.

> > G) Another bad things: 
> > * "System Rescue CD (Aida)" tells "modem not found" in the T43, while
> > the same in the T42, yes. 
> > * Similar thing for the Motherboard ID: 
> > 	a) T43: Unknown
> > 	b) T42: <DMI> / Motherboard name: IBM 2373JXG (the model of laptop).
> > * In the Aida's summary, the item belonging to the System Memory, where
> > should be 1024 MB, it says 957 MB (in the T43), which is some kind
> > strange. Why 67 MB lost?
> Reserved for video memory?

;-) Thanks.

> > * I don't think this T43 have bluetooth, could I check it?
> > * Does the fingerprint work in Linux. How I could just to check it?
> > (I've never tried such a thing).
> You could see in the BIOS if you have the setting for disable/enable bluetooth. 
> I use Fedora, and I am not knowledgeable with Ubuntu.

It was discovered. Already commented in my previous post (today).

> > H) At least, some good thing:
> > 
> > * A test to the hard disk, with smartmontools. It's OK.
> > 
> T43's use a special hard drive since the T43's use a SATA to IDE bridge. 
> The hard drives use propriety firmware. Installing a regular hard drives 
> will cause you to get firmware upgrade messages on POST. Not that it means 
> much since you can still use the drive, but you get these boot messages 
> with possible data loss though I have been running that way for 3 years on mine 
> without data loss. To upgrade to a 100GB drive with the correct firmware from Lenovo 
> would cost you almost $500US. 

I didn't get any message about such a issue, AFAIK. I don't get this
point... Hard drive is O.K. 
I understand that what you mean is that someday in the future, when the
drive start to fail, I'd have probably problems to find an unit to
replace it, don't you?

> Greg

Regards, thank you very much.