[ltp] Re: New ThinkPad-Source (2.6.25)

Elias Oltmanns linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 16 May 2008 21:26:39 +0200

Dom <linux-thinkpad-list@domdelimar.com> wrote:
> Elias Oltmanns wrote:
>> Yes, it is still required, I'm afraid. When merging the disk shock
>> protection feature into mainline, the patch will be heavily reorganised
>> and there will be a way to avoid this problem then. However, there still
>> are some rather tricky design issues to be solved before we can go
>> ahead.
>> Regards,
>> Elias
> Sorry to jump in on the discussion like this but I'm interested in the
> patch since I have a ThinkPad with HDAPS accelerator. So my question
> would be: is there any idea when at the earliest the patch could go
> mainline? 2.6.26?

No, definitely not 2.6.26. Unfortunately, it isn't exactly straight
forward to get all the architectural details right since various
subsystems of the kernel are involved and, naturally, their maintainers
have varying priorities. Since I'm dependent on their advice and
cooperation, I really can't tell when this feature will go in.