[ltp] ThinkPad Batteries

Lee Mathers (TCFS) linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 10 Nov 2008 06:34:01 -0500

Completely dissatisfied with Think Pad Batteries, this is mostly a
rant/vent but I do ask a question or two that perhaps someone would be
kind enough to anwser.

18 Lenovo T60 Thinkpad's 18 original batteries replaced as they
completely failed all between 10-14mth's of use.  Of the 18 Replacement
Batteries 11 of them have been RMA'd as they failed within 8mth's

32 Lenovo T61 Thinkpad more than 20 Original Batteries replaced and have
the replacement batteries have already been RMA'd.

So to avoid me anymore IT Service Desk calls(1) I'm looking for
comment's or reviews of NON IBM Batteries.

Just for Reference my T43 still has 92% of it's original capacity after
5 years of usage. Many of the R31/R52 series also >5 year old batteries
still keep the system running without AC for close to an hour.

(If you seen/know how bad these laptops operate with WinXP and a NON
Chargeabl e battery you will feel my pain, glad lenovo doesn't have a
battery meter for GNU/Linux.) 

Strange Lenovo would let something like a battery kill the ThinkPad brad
so soon after they obtained it from IBM.