[ltp] Recommendation for new disk drive

Joerg Bruehe linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 17 Jul 2009 16:24:50 +0200


thanks for your reply:

Michael Gaber wrote:
> Am 17.07.2009 15:11, schrieb Joerg Bruehe:
>> Dear readers,
>> I need to get a bigger disk for my R51 (parallel connection).
>> [[...]]
>> ThinkWiki recommends "Seagate Momentus" which my preferred local deale=
>> doesn't carry; he stocks Samsung and Western Digital, recommends the
>> latter.
>> [[...]]
> Hi.
> my experience says: go for a hitachi 7200 rpm drive

1) Doesn't 7200 rpm mean a higher power consumption?
   It is rare that I need a long battery time, but I felt that less
power usage is always good (less heat, ...).

Hitachi lists 1.8 (0.8) W for the 5400 rpm disk in RW (idle) mode
versus 2.0 (1.8) W for the 7200 rpm disks ("enhanced availability" or
Samsung gives 2.0 (0.6) W, Western Digital 2.5 (0.85) W, and Seagate 2.0
(0.8) W for their 5400 rpm drives,
so it seems quite consistent that the 5400 rpm drives consume less power
most of the time (idle) than the 7200 rpm ones.

Of course, 7200 rpm has lower latency (4.2 ms) than 5400 rpm (5.5 ms),
I still need to make up my mind how important that is for me.

2) Do you recommend it because you have good experiences with Hitachi,
   or do you also have less good ones with other manufacturers?


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