[ltp] Thinkpad SL500 with LED backlight - to buy or not to buy

Marcin Trybus linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 21 Jul 2009 22:24:31 +0200

I'm considering to retire my aged T23 and get a new laptop. The things I want are Core 2 CPU, anti glare LCD, and a reasonable keyboard layout. I got intrested in SL500 as it's currently on sale, most likely because it ships with VHB that is not eligible for free upgrade to Windows 7. Not that I care. 

The laptop is fully Intel based (ingluding GMA 4500MHD) so I hope it will run any Linux without any serious problems. I have doubts about the LED backlight though. It's a reasonably new thing, especially by Lenovo, and I haven't got a single experiences with such screens. I read the backlight may age unevenly. Should I worry, or is this just the way things go? Does this affect battery life in a major way? 

Any other things I should know about this model? Any other models I should consider in the price range? I am also taking T61 (not necessarily new) into consideration.