[ltp] Which distro for ThinkPad T400s

Marcin Trybus linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 25 Feb 2010 17:51:00 +0100

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> I am now in doubt which distro to use for my T400s: Debian testing
> (amd64 net-install) or Ubuntu 9.10? Which one suits this T-version?

These days all mainstream distros do at least OK with laptops. I run Debian=
testing/unstable amd64 on a full Intel SL500 (and that's not even a real=20
ThinkPad). All but the 4 hardware buttons (blue + volume) works out of the=
box. That's pretty much the same across the board with the top laptop makes=

Unlike Adrian I'd suggest to go for amd64 Debian version instead of i386. I=
no expert, but I tried testing i386 and probably due to the lack of=20
optimization it's noticable slower then amd64 I have now. Of course 32 bit=
version is still miles ahead when it comes to compatibility so YMMV. *Ubunt=
uses i586 optimization (I think), so the difference is smaller. If I used i=
I'd still pick 32 bit version.=20

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