[ltp] Re: Bug#565789: say what the current Thinkpad BIOS/Firmware should be

Yves-Alexis Perez linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 21 Jan 2010 08:09:50 +0100

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On jeu., 2010-01-21 at 13:29 +0800, jidanni@jidanni.org wrote:
> >>>>> "SM" =3D=3D Shannon McMackin <smcmackin@gmail.com> writes:
> SM> I think it's wonderful that the current version at least knows
> what
> SM> the current BIOS rev is, that in itself is a huge amount of work
> to
> SM> add in considering the variety of ThinkPad models.
> Exactly.
> Here's my several versions of a reply:

Jidanni, *please* stop. You've had the explanations multiple times, now
if you don't *want* to understand there's nothing we can do about.

Last try:
> 1.
> So please have thinkpad_acpi.ko cough up the number -- instead of
> having
> the user do all that work over again -- and in the end he can only
> hope
> that he found the version thinkpad_acpi.ko was referring to... but he
> will never know.
Henrique has more intelligent things to do than track each and every
BIOS/EC release for reach and every ThinkPad each time he releases

> 2.
> So why not reveal it to the user?
> Instead of having the user spend hours checking websites to find the
> answer. And all along that answer might not be the one the program is
> using. But the user will never know, as even though the answer is on
> the
> tip of thinkpad_acpi.ko's tongue, it just won't spit it out, and the
> user isn't going to get very far with even the source code, unless
> he's
> an expert. Whereupon he might discover the number the thinkpad_acpi.ko
> is using is totally different. But who will ever know unless he's an
> expert.

Because he's not even sure the version is the right one. The only thing
he knows is that it's *outdated*. If he shows that version, then the
user will search for that version, while there are more recent ones
available. The version he compares too *may not be* the recommended
version. The recommended version is *the latest* (is =E2=80=9Clatest=E2=80=
=9D something
you have problems to understand?)
> 3.
> It will clearly take the user many hours of research to try a instead
> of
> making him do much more work to find out if it is the same number he
> could find on some website, or even a different number or who knows
> what
> number as he won't be cracking the code anytime shortly.
> There it is on the tip of the program's tongue... but sorry, "try to
> figure it out from the code".

It's no more difficult to search for latest bios release on Lenovo
website than to search for a particular version. I might even say it's
easier, just look for your ThinkPad model, BIOS category and take the
latest (see) one.

Ok, the end for me.


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