[ltp] X201 brightness key

GregNorc linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sat, 8 May 2010 12:33:15 -0400

(Sorry if this is a repeat, sent this message originally on a very
flaky connection that kept timing out, apologies if this is a

So I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 on a Thinkpad X201...

Most everything works, with one exception: The brightness keys.

Manually going into the power managment dialog and trying to manually
change the brightness does not work.

Changing brightness works while the bios screen is still up, once
Ubuntu boots it fails again.

I've Googled around a bit, no one with an X201 seems to have encounted
the error, let alone a fix, so I thought I would post here and see if
anyone had any ideas...

Any help is greatly appreciated... having the brightness stuck at 100%
really dings my battery life.
- Greg Norcie