[ltp] X200 LCD-related noise

Adam Sloboda linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Sun, 03 Oct 2010 11:04:06 +0200

Hi All,

I can't really remember what was my motivation for BIOS upgrade about
a month ago but I just wanted to say (or make note to myself) that the
constant high pitched noise from upper right corner of keyboard of my
ThinkPad X200 will go away only with BIOS 2.06.

With latest BIOS (3.15) the noise is present since boot and quits only
when the display is off (or lid is closed or only external monitor is
on).  Dock presence, brightness level, cpu load or battery mode does
not matter, it's always there.  Of cource Vista can make it stop too,
right after loading when the screen goes black, but that's not an

I have no idea what it is and I have pretty recent kernel and X.org.
I did already downgrade to this BIOS some time ago, for similar
reasons I believe.  How come nobody noticed it for 18 months?