[ltp] Re: Re: advice on t61p with fhd

Fionn Behrens linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 04 Oct 2010 15:19:16 +0200

Am Montag, den 04.10.2010, 14:49 +0200 schrieb Arian Kuschki:

> Do you (or anybody else) know how the 15" FHD displays of the new W
> and T models compare to the T61p one?=20

They have LED backlight and are a hell of a lot brighter than the CCFL
backlit ones of the T60 series.
But on the other hand I am sitting here with my 6 year old 1600x1200
CCFL backlit T42p in the afternoon sun on the porch and its not like I
cant see anything. Soon I'll get a W510 and although it probably willbe
a lot brighter, I bet I'll miss this wonderful IPS ("FlexView") display
in front of me. I have never seen a better one in any other notebook so
far and would buy it again immediately if only it would be available in
ANY recent laptop model....

kind regards,
                        F. Behrens