[ltp] Z61m, ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility X1400, Debian Sid

Gijs Hillenius linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 09 Feb 2011 07:55:39 +0100

On  8 Feb 2011, Alex Deucher wrote:


>> However I'm not entirely sure what any of these 'tweaks' do. Currently,
>> X starts but every now and then it will start to become unusable
>> (scrolling so fast, it will make me pass out if I look at it too long).
> agpmode does nothing on pcie asics like yours.  I suspect something
> else is going on.  Do you have the linux firmware packages installed?
> Debian no longer ships firmware packages.  The radeon driver requires
> firmware to enable acceleration, and the kernel will wait up to 2
> minutes searching to firmware if it's not installed.  File a bug
> (https://bugs.freedesktop.org) and attach your xorg log and dmesg
> output.


I'll do that. I have 3 such packages on the system: firmware-linux 0.28,
firmware-linux-free 2.6.32-30 and firmware-linux-nonfree 0.28..

It is hard to describe what the screen does, I guess it starts scrolling
so fast that it becomes unreadable... everything turns into tiny lines
and it makes me dizzy ... closing the lid calms the thing down, for a
while, that is sometimes a few minutes, and sometimes a few seconds...

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