[ltp] Re: New ThinkPad series

Christoph Bier linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 30 Mar 2011 19:07:21 +0200

Peter G. schrieb am 30.03.2011 10:51:

> Hello!
> On 29.03.2011 18:02, Kristian Tizzard wrote:
>> I have an AMD Edge 13, which is well supported in kernels 2.6.35 and
>> later, with the exception of the rtl8192se wireless driver, which is
>> still in staging and is likely to only go stable in 2.6.40-this driver
>> does causes x crashes fairly metronomically.
> [...]
> I have an x100e with this Wifi card/chipset.
> Although the driver from the Realtek Site is quite horrible (Ad-Hoc mode
> causes system freezes, WPA/WEP unreliable, non-encrypted AP mode so-so
> but OK) I have yet to experience a X crash I could blame on it.
> Still, I would advise anyone to swap this out for a wifi card known to
> work (like maybe the intel ones?).
> Also the 3200 with radeondrmfb console (kms) and the radeon Xorg driver
> X is quite stable - especially switching between the FB console and X
> works well with this combination. (Doing this has never worked reliably
> for me on any system with any driver - thanks vgaarb/KMS I guess.)
> I am using 2D only though, no fancy (KDE) desktop effects - these *have*
> been the cause of X freezes on my system.
> I have briefly tried he proprietary ATI driver and 3D performance is
> much much better with this, I can't wage in on stability though.
> It has the usual issues switching to console and back which is a no-go
> for me.
> This is on Gentoo so giving exact versions/builds combinations is
> difficult, but I am using kernel 2.6.26.x tuxonice, Xorg 1.9, mesa
> 7.10.1,  RTL8192SE driver 0019.1207.2010
> Just a few cents,
>   Peter G.

Thank you!
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