[ltp] Lockups with T520

Ole Langbehn linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 26 May 2011 14:30:21 +0200

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Hi list,

On 24.05.2011 16:28, Robert Tomsick wrote:
>> before people assume that intel wireless is not working in linux at th=
>> moment by finding this thread archived via a search, let me make it
>> clear that I don't believe that wireless is the problem here. A lot of=

>> people seem to be happily using their wireless on t/w520 out there
>> according to google.
>> Nonetheless the hints from rob might be useful for some people, even f=
or me.
> Yeah, sorry if I gave that impression.  If you have the Centrino 1000
> card and have lockups, then you might want to try the experimental
> firmware as that solved the hard lock issue on my machine.
> If you have another card, then don't assume it's the wireless. :D

I've turned wireless off using the hardware kill switch for a couple of
days and have not had another lockup. This is too early to call, but it
might be the wireless after all. Note that if it's true, putting the
interface down and using a wired connection did not prevent the lockups,
only using the hardware kill switch did.

My card is a 6205 and I'm using the latest microcode (from february).

Will keep you guys posted.



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