[ltp] How safe is ubuntu 11.10?

Steven J. Owens linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 4 Nov 2011 14:56:22 +0000


     I have a thinkpad t520 with nvidia/optimus, Intel Core i7-2720QM
Processor (2.20GHz, 6MB L3), 8 gigs of memory and all the trimmings.

     I've been running ubuntu 10.4 LTS because I found the main ubuntu
release to be a pain - too frequently the dist-upgrades caused odd
hardware problems.  Nobody mentioned the problems _before_ I upgraded,
but after I ran into them and did a lot of googling, I'd eventually
find that they afflicted other thinkpad owners.

     However, for various reasons I need to upgrade to a more recent
release.  For once, I'd like to find out - *before* I jump out the
window - about hardware gotchas.  Anybody know how to check for this?

     I'm also considering upgrading to 11.4, instead of 11.10, because
I've observed in the past that the hardware issues I mention above
tend to take a few months to get sorted out...

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