[ltp] How to set "compose" key, T520 with no DE

linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 19 Dec 2012 19:01:17 -0800

Hi All-

I can't figure out how to use a "compose" key with my ThinkPad T520.

I do not use a DE. Currently I am using the i3 tiling wm with Debian.

I tried using

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

Using the menus I set the compose key to be the Right Alt key. I then

$ cat /etc/default/keyboard
# Check /usr/share/doc/keyboard-configuration/README.Debian for
# documentation on what to do after having modified this file.

# The following variables describe your keyboard and can have the same #
values as the XkbModel, XkbLayout, XkbVariant and XkbOptions options # in


# If you don't want to use the XKB layout on the console, you can
# specify an alternative keymap.  Make sure it will be accessible
# before /usr is mounted.
# KMAP=3D/etc/console-setup/defkeymap.kmap.gz

Maybe I am doing it wrong? I press the right alt key, release, then press
(for example) "o" then "c" which should give me the copyright symbol, but
does not work. Does not work if I press and hold the right alt key either=
I have tried other key combinations as well.

I don't see "what to do after having modified this file" message means-
that file doesn't tell me.

I can generate special characters using the "Ted" word processing
program's internal symbol creator for documents.

Is there some default I should be aware of? is there some way to query th=
system to tell what character has been mapped to the compose key?

Thanks for your help,
Keith Ostertag