[ltp] RE: Problem ejecting cdrom drive! T520

Richard Neill linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Mon, 20 Feb 2012 16:40:25 +0000

> All I have is my experiences with my Thinkpad X220t and its Ultrabase
> with an Ultra-bay DVD drive. In order to automatically handle whichever
> media to load into your CD/DVD drive,
> the drive gets special handling. It is a similar dance to what happens
> when you connect a USB drive or media stick only you are loading media
> into a drive not actually connecting the drive itself.

What you're describing seems rather like the following process (which is 
particularly convoluted if the "media" is a blank CD rather than a 


 >> I have a fairly new Lenovo Thinkpad T520,

However,  the original poster's T520 has the CDROM builtin, so this 
seems unlikely to be related.

I suspect a hardware fault. My recommendation is firstly to try 
rebooting the machine from a live USB key (of a different distro) in 
order to eliminate the probability of a software problem. After that, 
I'd check whether the drive is physically seated correctly.