[coreboot] [ltp] Re: [Thinkpad] Free T60

Peter Stuge linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 3 Jul 2012 02:41:37 +0200

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> Am 29.06.2012 16:49 schrieb Stefan Monnier:
> >> You do know that all Thinkpad T60/X60 can replace the BIOS with coreboot?
> > No, I didn't, that would be wonderful news.

If you happen to be in Berlin we can organize some get-together to
liberate some thinkpads. I would bring what's neccessary to recover
from failed flashes.

> > how easily can I revert to the proprietary
> > firmware if something (e.g. suspend) doesn't work quite right?)
> You can simply reflash the original BIOS to the flash chip if
> you're running coreboot.

Yes, it is much easier than going the other way.

Please note that you need to take a backup of *your own* factory BIOS
image if you want to run unmodified factory BIOS again, because it is
locked to your planar (mainboard). If you lose your factory BIOS
image you have to buy a new planar or work on modifying the factory
BIOS to remove the planar check.

coreboot runs fine also on 1709 X60. Suspend is significantly more
reliable with coreboot than with factory BIOS for me.

In case of over heat the CPU just shuts down. No Intel CPUs can self
destruct as far as I know. This was a big issue in the 90s when some
early AMD CPUs self destructed. Intel never had the problem.