[ltp] Re: is there a way to mount an encrypted USB drive?

Stefan Monnier linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Tue, 03 Jul 2012 18:49:15 -0400

>> The thinkpad BIOS supports hardware encryption, but it only prompts
>> for passwords on SATA-attached drives.  It does not find USB-attached
>> HDDs that have hardware encryption, and does not prompt for a
>> password.  How can these drives be mounted?
> I guess it doesn't work because HDD hardware encryption is controlled
> over ATA commands that don't work over USB.

BTW, I recently got a USB3 to SATA/PATA adapter from dealextreme and
discovered to my surprise that it properly passes through the info
needed for hdparm's spin-down settings as well as smartctl's
temperature data.  It might very well pass more smart commands than just
what you get from "smartctl -A", but I haven't tried them.

Still, it's the first time I can get the full "smartctl -A" data
from a USB drive, as well as set the spin-down timeout.