Re[ltp] placing the Ericsson 3G modem in an X301 with a Sierra Wireless LTE modem

Mon, 4 Jun 2012 23:50:15 -0700 (PDT)

Hey !=20

Wow, so I did manage to get the card working in the end without modifying

The idea is this, if you plug Sierra MC7710 into the WWAN pci port, then it
just does not work no matter what and BIOS gives you that error about
unathorized card, however if you plug it into WLAN where my Intel Wi-Fi Lin=
5300 AGN used to be, then the system boots up ok, OS does not see the card.
And thats where the "Tape PIN 20" comes in handy. Here is the picture, this
is how you find PIN 20 -=20

However this is where 2nd round of problems comes into play. So I switched
cards, and now my intel wi-fi card is plugged into WWAN port, the system
appears to see the card in device manager (im running windows 7 btw), but i=
says that "device cannot start" and native lenovo connections manager (its
called "access connections") does not see any network devices at all. So I'=
wondering here how do I make my Intel wi-fi card work?

The 2nd problem is with the Sierra card itself, I cant figure out what kind
of software to use to make it work.=20
I installed Sierra Watcher, it seems to install ok, moreover it has MC7710
drivers bundled with it, however when I try to run it, it says that =E2=80=
card is missing=E2=80=9D. Whats the deal with SIM card? Do I have to have o=
ne to
make it definently work? I don=E2=80=99t really have one, what I do have is=
modem by provider and it seems that SIM card is in built there in the form
of chip. So I=E2=80=99m wondering here if SIM is definitely required, would=
 it be
sufficient to obtain one from provider and plug it into SIM-card slot
available on my X301, or that will not necessarily work? Also would that be
possible somehow to bypass that SIM-card test entirely and be able to
connect to the network without any SIM. It appears that I have all the
necessary to make connection work, I have modem, I have antennas =E2=80=93 =
what else
do I need? =EF=81=8A=20
Please help, I=E2=80=99m stuck here =E2=80=A6

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