[ltp] X40 upgrade notes (SSD, Ubuntu Precise)

John Magolske linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 20 Jun 2012 13:24:21 -0700

Hi Richard,

Thanks for sharing this. I have an X40 that I might want to resurrect
and this got me thinking...

* Richard Neill <rn214@richardneill.org> [120616 23:59]:
> Having just upgraded an X40, I thought I'd share a couple of gotchas
> with the list.
> [...]
> 2. I purchased a PATA 1.8" SSD made by "Kingfast". The Ubuntu
> installer sees this fine, but, having installed it, the BIOS can't
> boot from it, saying "No operating system found".
> Solution (rather oddly): remove the jumper cap on the drive, so
> that, rather than being in "IDE master" mode, it's in "cable select"
> mode.

Just did a quick search for this SSD, it looks like a 16GB version is
available for ~$45, might be worth giving it a try. A few questions:

Any idea how using the Kingfast SSD affects power consumption? A few
years back I recall reading up on one particular X40 / SSD combo that
looked good from a performance standpoint, but apparently was also a
bit of a power hog (sorry, don't recall the specifics).

Also, any thoughts on going with the Kingfast vs any other available
SSD in this application?

On my X40 I was using a "poor man's SSD" -- a 16GB Kingston Elite Pro
Compact Flash card in an Addonics CF/IDE Adapter. I'm thinking a real
SSD might provide noticeably better performance.



John Magolske