[ltp] CPUs that can work in a T61

Jens Rutschmann linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Wed, 21 Nov 2012 09:36:54 +0100

Am 21.11.2012 07:24 schrieb Richard Neill:
> As I understand it, the T61s can take 8GB, but the T60s are limited to 4GB (of which only 3GB is visible!). This is true
> even with an upgrade to a Core 2 duo (64-bit) CPU and OS.

With T61's this definitely works. I have plugged in 8GB in my T61. You even get full support for it in 32 bit systems as 
long as PAE is enabled in your kernel (which probably is enabled in most distros).

> But...one helpful thing... you can have swap to SSD, and it almost works well enough.
> On rotating disk, the purpose of swap is simply so that your machine doesn't instantly kill processes when it runs out
> of RAM; swapping is really really slow.

Actually I never actually used my swap since I have 8GB. This is a developer machine with KDE, eclipse, firefox, 
thunderbird, chromium, Win7@Virtualbox, and several big maven instances all running at the same time.