[ltp] USB ports

Micha Feigin linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 30 Nov 2012 17:05:13 -0500

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    <div class="moz-cite-prefix">On 30/11/2012 16:49, Dave Hylands
      type="cite">I have a W520 running ubuntu 12.04<br>
      I normally have the laptop sitting in a dock<br>
      This morning it updated the kernel to 3.2.0-34, and the USB port
      on the left side of the laptop stopped working. The USB ports on
      the back of the dock seem to work fine.<br>
      And the USB on the back right corner of the laptop seems to be
      working fine as well. Its just the two on the left side that seem
      to have stopped working.<br>
      Anybody have any ideas what might be going on here?<br clear="all">
      -- <br>
      Dave Hylands<br>
      Shuswap, BC, Canada<br>
      <a moz-do-not-send="true" href="http://www.davehylands.com"
    I never got them to work properly on my laptop. They are USB 3 ports
    while the ones on the back and right are usb 2. Whenever I connected
    a usb 3 drive to them the driver would lock up and required a reboot
    to start working again.<br>
    you can run dmesg right after connecting something to the ports and
    submit the message in the logs to help analyze<br>