[ltp] T520 Wireless

Jeffrey L. Taylor linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Thu, 20 Sep 2012 20:33:48 -0500

My T520 died, just went dark while I was sitting in front of it.  It was 4
months out of warranty.  A local repair shop (Mr. Notebook in Austin, TX) was
familiar with Thinkpads and sells used ones.  Their diagnosis is a failed

The good news is that T520 are reliable.  The bad news is that T520 is
reliable and Lenovo will not sell motherboards to third party repair shop so
they would have to find one on the secondary market.  Remember, they are
reliable so there aren't many motherboards yet on the secondary market, i.e.,
used.  After two weeks they suggested a factory refurbished one for $700.  I
took them up.  It is not the same specs - lower resolution graphics (13XX by
7XX, IIRC vs. 1900x1600), slower CPU, 2.5GHz vs. 2.6GHz.  Stuff I suppose I
could live with.  The hard drive from the old machine was tranplanted, so
that's the same size.

I'm not sure about the max speed of the wireless card, but Network Manager
reports it as 1Mb/s, which accords with how fast the browser loads pages.  In
an attempt to compare against wired speeds, I used Fn+F5 to disable the WiFi.
The wired speeds are as expected.  But Fn+F5 won't enable the WiFi.  It just
toggles the Bluetooth.  Any suggestions about how to re-enable WiFi?

I think this may be my last Thinkpad.