[ltp] T520 Wireless

Jeffrey L. Taylor linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 21 Sep 2012 01:45:45 -0500

Quoting Richard Neill <rn214@richardneill.org>:
> >took them up.  It is not the same specs - lower resolution graphics (13XX by
> >7XX, IIRC vs. 1900x1600), slower CPU, 2.5GHz vs. 2.6GHz.  Stuff I suppose I
> >could live with.  The hard drive from the old machine was tranplanted, so
> >that's the same size.
> If you're prepared for a little hardware hacking, you may be able to
> improve this. Get the hardware maintenance manual (free download),
> and try the following:
> 1. Open up the machine. You can swap the WiFi pretty easily - it
> takes about 15 minutes.

This may be interference with other access points - apartment building is full
of Univ. of Texas students, over a dozen access points visible.  I caught the
older T41 doing the same thing.  I need check part numbers, which is faster.

> 2. If you do rather more disassembly (perhaps an hour), you can get
> the screen off and swap it with the old one; you can also swap the
> CPUs.

So this is a matter of screens, not video chips?
> In general - it's not a difficult process. Things to watch:
> 1. Ensure you are well grounded - take antistatic precautions.

I have an antistatic wristlet somewhere.  Thanks for reminding me to use it.
> 2. Have the right tools - set of screwdrivers and hex drivers. Don't
> overtighten. Write down which goes where.
> 3. When swapping CPUs, be very gentle, don't bend the pins, replace
> the thermal grease if necessary.
> 4. Either remove the sticky screw covers very carefully with a thin
> flat screwdriver (so you keep them sticky), or buy spares for $5 on
> eBay.
> My T60p has had:
>   - CPU upgrade from Core to Core 2 (now 64-bit)
>   - RAM up to 4 GB
>   - Wifi upgraded from a/b/g to a/b/g/n
>   - New keyboard (wear and tear)
>   - New screen (failed backlight of original 1600x1200, now 2048x1536)
>   - HDD -> SSD
>   - Replacement heatsink/fan (old fan bearing)
> It's really not that hard to replace bits.

Thank you for the reply.