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Ralph Spitzner linux-thinkpad@linux-thinkpad.org
Fri, 06 Dec 2013 14:37:17 +0100

linux-thinkpad-request@linux-thinkpad.org wrote:
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> I wrote a physical paper letter to Lenovo a couple days ago.  Hopefully
> I'll get a response from someone intelligent.

I hope you'll get any response...

I, for one will stick to my T60, just upped to Core2Duo/3Gb,
which is good enough for me _AND_ it still has/says IBM
on the cover + all the keys you'll need.
(little bit of fetishism here :-) )

Call me old or outdated (I use a Model M on my stationery PC),
but at least these things don't break when I touch them...

I don't know what exactly went wrong in the process of selling
that consumer business to china, but it looks like they forgot
to assign some 'elderly' people to the far east.
(or they simply didn't want to go there/work for less)

Lenovo is a 'modern' company, producing 'modern' things, using
the history (if IBM) to up their prices for cheap gadgets.

IBM is not, but is, also a part of a dying species...


Mostly harmless...
        -Douglas Adams